How to use:

After installing and activating the plugin, you can immediately use the shortcode to embed a Youtube or Vimeo video on your page or post.

For Youtube: [rev-youtube video_id=”youtube video id”]
For Vimeo: [rev-vimeo video_id=”vimeo video id”]


[rev-youtube video_id=”wzu6nRAA2pM”]
Using Video URL:
[rev-youtube video_url=””]
Note: If both video_id and video_url are provided, the video_url will be used.

You can also set options to the video you want to embed. Please see below for samples:

[rev-youtube video_id=”wzu6nRAA2pM” width=”560px” height=”315px” controls=”1″ allow_full_screen=”0″ fixed_size=”1″ autoplay=”0″ start=”30″]
[rev-youtube video_id=”wzu6nRAA2pM” width=”100%” controls=”1″ allow_full_screen=”0″ fixed_size=”0″ autoplay=”0″]

Here are the options you can use:

video_idYoutube or Vimeo’s video ID. It can be found in the video’s URL.Ex.
video_urlYoutube video’s URL.Ex.
Long URL:

Short URL:
widthWidth of the video. It can be in percentage or in pixels.Ex.
heightHeight of the video. It can be in percentage or in pixels.
This will be disregarded when fixed_size is set to “0”.
allow_full_screenWhen set to “1”, it allows the video to go fullscreen. Don’t allow when set to “0”.“0” – don’t allow fullscreen
“1” – allow fullscreen (default)
controlsEnable video controls when set to “1”. Disable controls when set to “0”.“0” – disable video controls
“1” – enable video controls (default)
autoplayWhen set to “1”, the video will autoplay upon loading. Disable autoplay when set to “0”.“0” – don’t autoplay (default)
“1” – autoplay video
startThe time where the video will start playing. Value is in seconds.Ex.
loopLoop video when set to “1”. Don’t loop when value is “0”.
(Currently not working)
“0” – don’t loop (default)
“1” – loop video
fixed_sizeWhen set to “1”, it will use the specified width and height regardless of screen size. But when set to “0”, it will use the specified width but becomes responsive to screen size.“0” – responsive (default)
“1” – fixed size
relUse to enable or disable related videos shown at the end of the video.“0” – disable
“1” – enable (default)
classYou can use this option to add another classname for the purpose of styling or javascript manipulation.Ex.

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