The Next Jump is a digital product consultancy utilizing the most reliable technologies to date to develop scalable, sustainable systems to enable long term growth for the business.

Who we are

Early adopters to technologies are the guinea pigs of the tech world. Adopting too early on the latest technologies, your business is at risk as they are immature and unstable that will cost you more time and money.

We at The Next Jump utilizes technologies that are up-to-date yet proven stable and mature to ensure the reliability of your system that will surely benefit your business.

 We are up-to-date. But we'll not risk your business to immature and unreliable technologies for the sake of being the latest. 


What we do

Website Development

From a Wordpress-based website to a built-from-scratch website, we can help you with our technical expertise in web technologies like PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, and even website hosting.

Apps & Systems

With a decade of development experience in different kinds of systems like desktop, mobile, embedded, and web using different technologies like C++, C#, Java, and SQL, our strength lies in flexibility and versatility.

Digital Design

Logo, banner, wireframe, and even game sprites, you name it. We have someone in our team to do it for you.

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